The photo of Paty's bloody head on the ground is still on the internet. Like so many other lurid photographs of other nameless people that are posted every day on sites dedicated to the dissemination of unscrupulous filth.

You already know the story, you can read the details wherever you like. Samuel Paty, a French secondary school teacher, was murdered and beheaded with a knife. Even though it is now routine, it is impossible to get used to this nonsense and the French they took to the streets the French government has made him a Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur and awarded him the medal of merit posthumously.

His executioner committed such a bestiality and then posted the photograph on Twitter to avenge his god because the professor had shown one of the cartoons about Mohammed published in Charlie Hebdo in a class on freedom of expression.


"I don't know why they keep calling them integrists…
…if they go around disintegrating everythin".

The eternal controversy

It is not easy to know certain data exactly. The last time I looked up the number of Muslims, it read that there were about 1.5 billion, about 22% of the world's population. So, as uncomfortable as it is to read, if they were all of the head-chopping ilk, the world would long ago be in the throes of a devastating and never-ending world war. A war that would be fought street by street and right up to your own front door.

That said, it doesn't matter so much whether the savages are a hundred or a million. When there is no unified, forceful, active and permanent stance and reaction against these totally unjustifiable acts of savagery in the various branches of Islamism, something is very wrong. On the other hand, we do not pay much attention to them either when they speak out because we will never feel it is enough.

These disgusting terrorist acts of execution with global publicity are also the preferred breeding ground for feeding the general cause of fascist discourse. Hatred is always a highly exploitable mine and few hesitate to use it. Something that has been read a lot these days from the mouths of various right-wingers has been criticism of"the silence of the left".

This is false to begin with. In reality, what they meant was that anyone who did not shout that Muslims should be exterminated was at the very least an accomplice. And so, between extremes, we pass the time.



We have also had to deal again with this so-called Islamophobia for calling a murderer a murderer, who is also a murderer only for supposedly religious reasons and to top it all off by a fucking joke. In all this bullshit there is no path that does not lead to some extreme.

So, in order not to be out of step, I'll go with the flow a bit. Lest the finger-pointing finger of equidistance make an appearance.

If those things you believe in need to end someone's life or impose your views using force in any of its manifestations, you can stop calling it "religion".


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