The Scrooge Mystery (2018)

The Scrooge Mystery
Poster for The Scrooge Mystery

A 1h 56min documentary by Morgann Gicquel about the famous artist Don Rosa(TW - FB) and the impact of his work in the arts through his fan base.

Uncle Scrooge McDuck turned 70 in 2017.

For one year, the team of this independent duckumentary tracked down all the creative minds around the world whose lives and works were inspired or influenced by the famous Disney-licensed comic book character.


$crooge McDuck, Donald Duck's infamous grumpy Scottish uncle, was created in 1947 by an independent artist named Carl Barks (1901-2000). For nearly a century, the world's richest duck has inspired countless creative fans around the globe who have turned his adventures into music, films, sculptures, books, etc.

To unravel this (duck) story, we caught up with Keno Don Rosa, his biggest fan, who became the celebrated author of the world-famous biopicThe Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck. The Will Eisner Award-winning artist explains the reasons for his love of the character as he recreates some of his most famous portraits. Following in the footsteps of Scrooge McDuck around the world, this duckcumentary also features some of the most unique and talented minds who were inspired by the character, including Tuomas Holopainen, frontman of Finnish metal band Nightwish, and Don Murphy, producer of the Transformers film franchise.

The play features some of the greatest talents inspired by Donald Duck's Scottish uncle, as well as Katja Kontturi, the first PhD student to work on Scrooge's adventures.

Shot in 7 countries and on 16mm film as a tribute to The Picasso Mystery (1956), it won the Audience Award at the 2017 Reel Pitch Challenge and was first screened in France at the 46th Angoulême International Comic Strip Festival.

The documentary can be purchased on Blu-ray in its original version on the documentary's website and is also available for free on USA, although to watch it from Spain you need to use a VPN.

Documentary suggested by our friend"a b c", tireless compiler of good links.

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