Winners of the 8th World Humor Awards


These are the winners of the eighth edition of the World Humor Awards, dedicated to Biodiversity.

This year, the first prize went to Darko Drljevic from Montenegro, second prize went to the veteran Mexican cartoonist Ángel Boligán, who seems to win every competition and third prize went to Anne Derenne, a French illustrator who has lived in Spain since 2009 and who also has a good track record of awards in competitions.

Winners of the 8th World Humor Awards

Human Brain and Nature / Darko Drljevic / Montenegro

Winners of the 8th World Humor Awards

Biodiversity in Danger / Ángel Boligán / Mexico

Winners of the 8th World Humor Awards

Footprint / Anne Derenne (Adene) / FR – Spain

The other authors awarded with the trophy for excellence were:

Fabio Magnasciutti (Italy), Lamberto Tomassini ( Italy), Menekse Cam (Turkey), Evzen David (Czech Republic) and Raúl Fernando Zuleta (Colombia). APS is an Italian association for social promotion and, among its various cultural activities, organises the international exhibition of graphic humour called“World Humour Awards” within its section “Mondo Piccolo” by Giovannino Guareschi.

The event consists of a competition with prizes for humour cartoonists and the awarding of prizes for literary, advertising and entertainment works that have been created from humour.

Participation in the competition is restricted to a selected number of Italian and foreign professional artists.

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