1,000 euros for the best satirical illustration about Erdogan

Mil euros a la mejor ilustración sátira sobre Erdogan
"Skända flaggan", 1967 (left) and Petter Evertsén's version, 2023 (right) for the cover of Flamman.

The Swedish newspaper Flamman has launched a satirical drawing competition with Erdogan as the main theme. They are offering a prize of 10,000 Swedish crowns (1,000 euros) to the winner and the best works will be published in their pages. The publication explains that the initiative is a response to Erdogan, whom they describe as an autocrat, for trying to pressure Sweden to deport the Kurds and restrict freedom of expression.

You can read the rest of the reasons for the contest in the related article published on Tuesday.

Some media have described this contest as "controversial" and "controversial", but I still don't see any controversy or controversy anywhere. It is just another cartoon or satire contest of the many that have been and will be held against all kinds of governments and/or rulers.

In Erdogan's case, his animosity towards cartoons is well known and he has las hed out at cartoonists, satirical magazines, comedians, activists, intellectuals, students and teachers.

The deadline for submissions for professional and amateur cartoonists is 20 January and can be sent to red@flamman.se

This week's Flamman cover is a pastiche of the iconic 1967 play "Skända flaggan" ("Desecrate the flag") depicting a burning Swedish flag with the word "cock" written on it.

Skända flaggan is the best known of a series of three silkscreen prints produced by the painter Carl Johan De Geer in 1967 to promote conscientious objection and create public opinion against the US bombing of Vietnam. The collection of three was completed by the posters Refuse Weapons and USA Murderers. The series was exhibited at the Galleri Karlsson in Stockholm in April 1967, in a joint exhibition with his then wife Marie-Louise De Geer.

Flamman is an independent socialist tabloid newspaper published since 1906. The editorial office is located in Hökarängen, south of Stockholm, but the paper is distributed throughout the country. Some of its news material is also available on its website.

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