A cartoon in Stern

A cartoon in Stern

Alerted by a comment from colleague #Quim, I noticed in the mail of the cartoonists’ community Toon Pool that, besides continuing to grow (it already hosts almost 11,000 cartoons by authors from all over the world), organises very interesting exhibition activities.

One of them is the regular publication on the website of the prestigious German magazine Stern (15 million visitors a month) of a selection of cartoons with a common theme. So tomorrow, Monday 19, from 06:30 am until 12.30 pm CET, the magazine will publish the cartoons of a number of artists on the theme of the Olympic Games in China.

This cover is from an issue in which the magazine dedicated an article to Wikipedia in December 2007, comparing 50 Wikipedia articles with the same articles in the (paid) online edition of the Brockhaus Encyclopedia.

The vignettes to be published tomorrow (in a little while) will be those of:

Ben Heine (Belgium
)Bernard Bouton (France)
Matteo Bertelli (Italy)
Pawel Kuczynski (Poland)*Very good ones from Pawel*Joel
Barbée (USA)
Elkin Sergey (Russia)
Ronald Slabbers (Netherlands)
Rampazzo Marcelo (Brazil)
Juan Ramón Mora, happy selfie moment (Spain)


Of the 22 vignettes I have posted 3 are about Chinese repression of Tibetans, one of them linked to the Olympics so I suspect the one that will be published will be the one at the top of this post.

If you are a cartoonist, take advantage of it and join us good bunch of Spanish-drawers in Toon Pool.

Update: They’ve already posted them among many other very nice ones.

I run to translate the text that accompanies it but it is known that online translators are always drunk on calimocho and say some bullshit worthy of the most applied HOYGAN so if someone sees this exto and knows German enough to translate into human Spanish what it says I will be grateful as best I can.

And it goes like this:

Noch ein Bild, das sich bei uns festgesetzt hat: der Chinakracher, Abgesandter einer Hochkultur, in dem das Feuerwerk eine mythologisch überragende Bedeutung hatte. Adorno lauds the perfect form of art, as “the image at the moment of the turning of the face of the world is once again in the background”. At the Olympiad, it is the faith, which is once again being erected at the culmination of the finals. But in the case of Juan Ramón Mora from Malàga, however, it has yet another function: it is to hold a well-placed, well-timed knife, which is made from the rotating moulds of the old city of Monchen. And how, in the case of the knallfrosch, the knallfrosch is uncontrollable after its release. The Olympic Feuer? Bei Mora ist ein Rohrkrepierer, der anders explodiert als vorhergesehen.

Thanks to the efforts of la_desheredada, our friend Javier Malonda, creatorof the classic Tira Ecol translates the text:

One more image that has struck us: the Chinese traca, legacy of a wise culture in which fireworks have an outstanding mythological significance

“According to Adorno, the most perfect form of art, because the drawing brings the spectator to the moment of culmination During the Olympiad it is the fire that is extinguished again at the climax of the final. But for Juan Ramón Mora from Málaga the torch has another function: it lights a stinking firecracker made up of monks dressed in red, and like a firecracker they jump all over the place after being lit.

the Olympic fire? In Mora’s case it’s a backfire that explodes in
an unforeseen way

Seven billion thanks, and also to Rosy and “FranJota” who also tinkered with the text in search of a decent translation

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