Alarm state

Alarm state

State of alarm.

Cartoon of 14/03/2020 in CTXT

From Saturday 14 March at 23:48 approx. (time of publication in the BOE and entry into force of the state of alarm decree) citizens have the obligation and the important social responsibility to remain in their homes. One should not go out except for certain and very specific basic needs.

Some already consider the exceptions to the prohibitions to be too flexible, while others, unwittingly and shamelessly (and they have never even heard of it), claim that this is nothing less than a coup d’état.

In between, many others with many different opinions are waiting for the reactions and consequences of the implementation of the decree. You know, the thing about opinions and the noise that is fed into “the networks” has long since become more newsworthy than the news itself.

The state of alarm has been agreed for a period of 15 days, which could be extended. To do so, the government would have to have the authorisation of the Congress of Deputies.

Read Royal Decree 463/2020 (PDF)

We have been experiencing this for a few hours now staying at home and observing important changes in our routines.

One nice thing is that, in the absence of people, you can now only hear the birds all morning. This only used to happen here on special days, only very early in the morning and only for a short time. It’s nice to sit and draw accompanied by an orchestra of sparrows giving their all.


State of alarm, for those most in need – CTXT
With the declaration of the state of alarm announced by Pedro Sánchez on 13 March, the government seems to want to make up for lost time. In these long weeks, it has been inevitable to get the impression that the Executive was one step behind, lagging behind events.

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