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Deliveroo is leaving Spain. Cartoon of 31 July 2021 on CTXT

The ever-thick and seemingly long month of August has arrived, coinciding with what should be the season of what they used to call “news drought” and which seems to be getting shorter every year

With this farewell cartoon from Deliveroo, which joins all of thesethe closest thing to a holiday I usually have to a holiday starts

Mine usually start just when I know I don’t have to read what they call ” news” because from today, until 21 August, the cartoonists at CTXT are taking a summer break.

In these days of heat and summer chorricias, the jar is very grateful for the break. As every year, mental exhaustion had already been sending the traditional signs that the neurons were going into reserve for a few days

Now it’s time to dedicate oneself fully to the never sufficiently valued art of not even making an egg, at least for the first few days.

It is not a bad thing to enjoy that pleasant initial sensation that nothing is really urgent enough to alter the new holiday mode and start it by being bored out of our minds, which is one of the ways of having the sensation that time is dragging on.

This will last for as long as it lasts, after which we will have to run to embrace all those absolutely optional leisure activities that each one of us prefers.

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