Black December

Black December

Male violence.

Black December. Cartoon of 31/12/2022 in CTXT

The media have called it black December, but they could have called it bad or a shit December and it would have been just as correct. A woman murdered every three days. The 29th was especially "black" in terms of male murders.

But the figures for this year that has gone also surpassed those of 2021 and the counter continues to accumulate names, not numbers.

They must have done something wrong, some continue to suggest, while those subhumans who are uncomfortable with machismo and/or gender being associated with this type of violence resulting in the permanent torture and/or death of women continue to argue over etymological issues and poison any debate with low rhetoric. Prominent among them are the voxeros and their various peripheral gangs of sympathisers.

None of them would think of being "deniers" of suicides or traffic accident deaths because they do not consider themselves alluded to in that conception of old-fashioned structural machismo, which some went so far as to call "hombrismo", which seemed to have been buried and which is now being used as an excuse to "deny" the existence of a "male chauvinism" which seemed to have been buried and which they insist on making fashionable as if it were a set of reasonable and civilised political ideas.

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