Borbonic propagation


Borbonic propagation

Borbonic propagation. Cartoon of 8/11/2020 in CTXT

The investigators attribute to Juan Carlos I an active account in the jersey Island with almost 10 million euros.

The Money Laundering Prevention Service (Sepblac) sent an alert to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office after locating the money. It seems that the "trust"The new fortune, which lists Juan Carlos I as a beneficiary, is apparently fed by funds from another similar financial vehicle in the Channel Islands set up in the 1990s. The new fortune was infused in 2005 into the trust, which has moved at least 5 million euros. All in all, monarchical engineering.

At the rate they are going, the Bourbons will have no room left on the map to place drawing pins marking the location of their treasure chests in which they hide the money they have supposedly been raking in with their traditional scams.

If a few days ago read that Anticorrupción was investigating Juanca, Sofi and some other family members for the use of opaque credit cards with movements of funds coming from abroad when the now emeritus had already abdicated, now looks like that Juan Carlos I had also stashed 7.9 million euros in Switzerland up to August 2018, more than four years after he stepped down from the throne and lost the superpower of the inviolability.

Learning about the retired Bourbon's hidden fortunes, with absolutely nothing happening, has now become routine, just another piece of news to go around the house. Like someone who hears it raining.

And it's not that I think we'll be happier seeing him sitting in a court of law testifying, nor that I think he'll recover and distribute all that capital and luxury goods among the bald citizens, but it's impossible not to see his behaviour as obscene, a thousand times shitting on what we call "parliamentary monarchy" and perpetual nastiness in general. They are already working flat out with Leonor, using the documentary genre to keep the story going.

This bunch of profiteers continue to enjoy impunity, the privileges of the capricious rich and other gifts by the grace of passing on their DNA, and on top of that we have to applaud them, rub their backs and be careful not to make a joke.

So much transparency and so much hostility means that we can find out what they eat and drink and even what they smell like when they walk among the plebs, but nothing by way of justice about their personal fortune or where all the wealth they amass and hide comes from.

Royal Commission - 13/06/2020

The Prosecutor's Office of the Supreme Court has taken over the investigation of the AVE to Mecca affair, which links Juanca to the commissions for the awarding of the works to Spanish companies. This case was handled by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office and it was estimated that Juanca may have committed a crime of tax fraud and another of money laundering by allegedly skimming a large sum of money from the Spanish Treasury.
With the connivance of so many political dinosaurs of yesterday and today, and a good part of the press, the poor little guy has been given wads of cash from foreign countries, handsome commissions for barrels of oil, and four or five yachts for his enjoyment, with the connivance of so many political dinosaurs of yesterday and today and a good part of the press, as far as we know, four or five yachts for his enjoyment (later sold at a loss after blowing thousands of euros on maintenance, service and fuel), parties, safaris, sports cars, trips, all kinds of luxuries that you, dear and stupid grassroots Juancarlista, will never be able to enjoy.

And as if it were a funny joke with a wink and a twist to this text, a day after writing it, this appears:

Juan Carlos I in Kazakhstan: hunting wild goats and five million in briefcases for "a king who has nothing"

A witness of that trip in 2002 tells how the president of the Asian country gave him the money after two days of hunting in the mountains of Kazakhstan
An unforgettable image of Juanca dressed up like Don King of Chabacaland to illustrate another news item about his suck-ups around the world.

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