Ever Given Capitalism


Cartoon of 27/03/2021 in CTXT

The Ever Given is a piece of canoe of the size of three thousand scooters and two million petanca fields of those that carry containers with more stuff than the Three Wise Men carry. Well, the macronavel has stuck its beak in the sand on the bank of the Suez Canal, the causes are not yet known, and that's where it has remained.

Some 300 ships on this strategic route are already late for lunch.

In the canal they are trying to see if they can straighten it out because it is crossed, cutting off one of the busiest trade routes and the options for those who use this corridor that connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea are to make a huge detour around the Cape of Good Hope, spending a lot of gas and time, or to take the Arctic route, which is more of the same. Another roundabout and on top of that, it's tough with the weather, the ice and all the fishing.


Viewed map here

They are still there hitting the miloja to see if they can tow the mass, dredge sand to unblock it, relieve the weight by removing containers so that it can refloat a little or wait for the tide to rise and carry it away like a shrimp because in the Suez Canal there are no locks to play with like in the Panama Canal. In short, they don't know when they will be able to clear the passage.

For the time being, the move has caused the price of a barrel of Nutella to rise, has left one of the most popular memes of recent times and has given us the priceless and iconic image of the little crane scraping sand at the feet of the stranded colossus.

On 29 March, six days after, they managed to free it, partially refloat it and right it. Finally si sailing, unclogging the channel.

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