Chile’s worst history

La peor historia de Chile

TR: “The chilean government rewound its history to the worst of its chapters”.

Chile’s worst story.

Cartoon of 26/10/2019 in CTXT

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“President Piñera has said that “we are at war”, sowing confusion among the population or, perhaps, unconsciously emulating Pinochet who, after the attack on him in 1986, declared to the press “we are at war”.

Chile's worst history

what is happening in Chile? by Galo Ghigliotto.

“Cecilia Morel, wife of President Piñera, then sent a friend – or a group of friends, who knows – a curious audio message, which immediately lost its private character (one friend less) and spread around the country telling the scoop: the first lady of the nation herself was explaining what was happening in La Moneda, saying they were totally overwhelmed by what she described as an “alien invasion”.

Chile's worst history

Hasta que valga la pena la pena la vivir” by Leonardo Sanhueza.

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