How to survive a nuclear attack

How to survive a nuclear attack

Television adapted to the nuclear alarm

Don't be a fool. In the event of a nuclear attack as imagined and portrayed by the media, not a single person will survive, and those who do will survive will be a joke and most probably have no reason to rejoice because there will be absolutely nothing left around them.

The media are full of stupid advice in which, among other stupidities, they tell us about the distance to move away from the place of the explosion, as if nuclear explosions were programmed in the calendar with day, time and exact place of the detonation so that we have time to make plans and go to Amazon to get what we are going to need to survive.

How to survive a nuclear attack

Thus, illustrating their pieces with big orange nuclear mushrooms, they have spent a week giving us survival tutorials and even explaining how to build a bunker with the four things we have lying around in our junk room.

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