Coronavirus, survival diary. Day 2


Coronavirus, survival diary. Day 2

Coronavirus, survival diary.

Day 2. Global pandemic. 11 March 2020

Coronavirus, diario de supervivencia. Día 2WHO today declares coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic. Covid-19 is already a pandemic, not that it is now means that it is now more dangerous, "only" that this new disease is already on a global spread roll, which is no reason to rejoice either.

Coronavirus, diario de supervivencia. Día 2UK health minister Nadine Dorries tests positive for coronavirus. Iran's Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri is also infected. Ana Pastor, second vice-president of Congress announces who has tested positive for coronavirus. Another Vox deputy in Andalusia tests positive for coronavirus, it appears to be Carlos Zambrano and the Andalusian Parliament suspends its activity during this week, as well as the planned commissions.

Sports report

Coronavirus, survival diary. Day 2The Arsenal squad is quarantined due to the coronavirus and the match against Manchester City is suspended and in Italy, the Juventus player Daniele Rugani has also tested positive for the coronavirus. In the USA tomorrow, what could have been the first ever closed game in NBA history between the Golden State Warriors and the Brooklyn Nets was due to be played behind closed doors due to the threat of the coronavirus, but in the end the season has been suspended until further notice.

In Spain, the Federation suspends all football, except for first and second division matches. Fans, especially football fans, continue to hold massive cheering parties with stumbling cheers at the gates of stadiums.

Coronavirus, survival diary. Day 2

The Spanish government closes the main museums in Madrid due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, for the time being the Prado, the Reina Sofia and the Thyssen.

Coronavirus, survival diary. Day 2Isabel Díaz Ayuso, in her own words, announces that she is not going to close anything: "Madrid is not going to close, or at least the Madrid government is not going to close it".

Malaga city, Guadalhorce and Costa del Sol, declared to be special containment zones to accumulate 70 percent of the cases of contagion in Andalusia.


Coronavirus, diario de supervivencia. Día 2Italy announces the closure of all establishments except pharmacies, food shops and banks. Public and goods transport, agricultural activities and factories will continue to operate in order to ensure the production chain.

Coronavirus, diario de supervivencia. Día 2Trump, in a message to the nation, announces the suspension of all travelfrom Europe (except the UK) to the US for the next 30 days from Friday at midnight. He also speaks of emergency economic measures, without specifying much, for workers who are "sick, quarantined or in the care of others because of the coronavirus".


Coronavirus, diario de supervivencia. Día 2This teleworking in confinement is very good, I have stopped sending the work to the company and they haven't complained yet. As they have direct debit payments, the money keeps arriving on time. I hope it takes them a long time to go and check if the payers are still alive. I don't really care either, my black market business selling toilet paper on the Deep Web is running like a shot. The price of half a roll has already surpassed the price of Bitcoin.

This morning I went up to the terrace to have a look at the village and see if it was still there, but it turned out to be night. In the morning I'll take some boards off the windows. It's not all hardship though, today I found out that Mazinguer Z is in one piece on Nerfly and that he's back Alejo and Valentina.

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