Cartoon translate: "De-escalation is going to be a disaster because people are assholes and the government won't ban it by decree".


A few days ago we read and heard that, at the earliest, we would not begin to recover anything resembling normality until 2021. Well, we won't. The jugglers of baffling expressions already have the first plans for "de-escalation" (another repaired term) for the journey towards the neonormality.

We already know that we don't know what the intricacies of each phase of de-escalation will be like because will depend of what happens tomorrow with its myriad casuistries. This is something that, no matter how hard we try, nobody knows. Around here, I have no opinion because I don't have one.

However, there is a species immune to any virus of doubt that not only knows absolutely everything from the first second, but also has a superpower that allows them to visualise pre-crimes in detail on their mental screens. This is enough for them to pass judgement and apportion blame in bulk; it is society.

If two or ten idiots out of two or ten million more or less normal people actively and publicly exercise their idiocy, the new castrojo will pass sentence against La Gente™ and against the government for not preventing it. The card of mass infantilisation is a great way for any government to whitewash any ban on the movement.

The funny thing is that reality always has one more twist in store to blow our wildest predictions out of the water.

It's not a question of denying the existence of dunderheads. We all think we know a few. Extending responsibility for irresponsible behaviour to the bulk of the population is the other extreme of the most cynical modern posturing, perhaps profitable for a tweet taking advantage of the moment and little else. It is that putting oneself above the people, proclaiming oneself to be a pure, unique and true species, a select club to which so many people believe they belong that their navels wouldn't even fit in Jupiter.

The image is based on the classic meme, scene that will take a long time to repeat itself. Or not.

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