Enrich, a cartoonist of Bruguera's first period, dies

Enrich, a cartoonist of Bruguera's first period, dies

El Caco Bonifacio /Enrich. Tío Vivo nº 112 of August 26, 1959.

"The humorist cartoonist Enric de Manuel González "Enrich" has just left us today February 12, 2023 at the age of 93 (DEP)".

With this message from the author's Twitter account, managed by a family member, the death of the cartoonist Enrich was communicated, who was until yesterday the last survivor of the first stage of the Bruguera publishing house.

Although was born in Vénissieux (France), grew up in Catalonia. He started in the comic strip in the 50's from the pages of the magazines Trampolín, Alex, Jaimito and Nicolás.

Enrich worked in the advertising department of Editorial Bruguera until 1957, when he joined the mythical magazine Tío Vivo, a publication created by a group of authors who decided to try their luck on their own and would later initiate a not easy battle to try to recover their originals and the rights to their works.

Staff of Tio Vivo n°14 (19/9/1957). Image source: El caco Bonifacio - @idotumoreso

Enrich was the artistic director of Tío Vivo for two years and surrounded himself with authors such as Giner, Joso or Raf, who later became comic book monsters.

Image source: El caco Bonifacio - @idotumoreso

In Tío Vivo he would create his most popular character, El Caco Bonifacio. An endearing thief with whom Enrich would practice the costumbrist, white and even innocent humor.

Enrich, who had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for some years, could only remember a few things from his prolific career as a cartoonist. Today, one of the last living legends of the glorious era of Spanish comics left behind thousands of vignettes.

Curiosity. Guillermo Cifré (one of the creators of Tío Vivo) and Enrich were brothers-in-law.

And here is his son's Twitter account: @jordidmanuel

In 2010 he received the Diario de Avisos Award 2009 "for the totality of his humorous work".

Muere Enrich, dibujante de la primera época de Bruguera

Image source: Es Muy de Cómic


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