The circle of entrepreneurs and retirement

The circle of entrepreneurs and retirement

Translation of the cartoon:

The employers' circle proposes to delay retirement until 72 years of age.

"And let death be voluntary discharge."

On the right a board of the employee of the month with an obituary.

Retirement. Cartoon of 04/02/2023 in CTXT

Manuel Pérez Sala, a businessman by profession, is another of those mean-spirited neoliberals who in his spare time is president of the Círculo de Empresarios, an organisation that sounds like a circular sect.

He maintains that the current public pension system is unviable and unsustainable and that there is no other way than to delay the retirement age from 68 to 72.

He said this during an event organised by a bank, one of those with a name as bombastic as it is forgettable.

"I know it is hard to hear, but it is impossible to sustain the system without postponing the retirement age to between 68 and 72," said Pérez. The argument is perfect, first he warns that he's going to say something "politically incorrect" (you know, that brother-in-law style of the economic fascists) and then he spews out a false dichotomy; work until you die or chaos and nothingness.

Reductionism has always been a good ally of shitty populisms. Many corporatists like Pérez Sala are convinced that a country would be better off if it were run like a business because that's all they understand, ultra-capitalism.

For this bunch of gutless greedheads, people are just another machine in their business that has to be more productive every day so that their profits grow unchecked for longer and longer.

I know it's hard to hear, Manolito Perez, but it's impossible to consider you part of a civilised society.

Nothing new under the sun. Not so long ago José Luis Escrivá, the Socialist Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration of the Spanish Government presented another even better "offer", until the age of 75.

The circle of entrepreneurs and retirement

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