Eruption in La Palma

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Eruption in La Palma

Cartoon translation:

-“It is the earth that wants to tell us something
“-“No, it doesn’t”

The volcanic eruption on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands is now in its fourth day, spewing lava from at least nine vents

The lava flow, although slowing down, has already reached the neighbourhood of Todoque, about 2 km from the ocean The lava has swallowed the lava flow has already reached more than 320 buildings.

From the first minutes of activity, live images have been as spectacular and hypnotic as they are distressing

The walls of lava, advancing at high speed, collapse and bury houses in just a few minutes, sometimes even in less time.

We have had time for almost everything, including a thousand anecdotes. Even the first, always early risers (and deniersWe have had time for almost everything, including a thousand anecdotes, and even the first, always early risers (and it is difficult to deny a volcano), who are often mistaken for those who practise irony and satire.

We have been able to listen to people who really know about these things and to some of them saying some very big nonsense about the reasons why the earth “communicates” with us

The eagerness of some of the media to make ridiculous live connections at the foot of the lava and that of some of them unaware taking it as if the volcano it was a fireworks display at a verbena.

There are those who show solidarity, who come to help unconditionally, and there are also those who are petty, trying to take advantage of the tragedy.

There will be time for many more anecdotes, sad news and spectacular images because, according to experts, the eruption could last from two weeks to four months.


Now it is time to remember other eruptions on La Palma through the documentary pieces that were made in the past, like the one in 1971 and the one in 1949.

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