Feels Good Man (2020)


Feels Good Man Documentary

One frame from the video "Meet the artist: Arthur Jones" sobre el documental "Feels Good Man"

"Feels Good Man" is the title of Arthur Jones's work that is in competition in the Sundance in the American documentary category. I don't expect much from this documentary beyond refreshing the more than well-known history of the birth of the Pepe the Frog meme. Although there are already reviews, like this one, with a somewhat exaggerated headline stating that "Pepe the Frog predicted a world full of modern memes".

Be that as it may, it will serve for those outside the internet to discover how an image can evolve when the network takes over it. The always unpredictable reaction of the masses and its crazy consequences.

Website: feelsgoodmanfilm.com

"Feels Good Man" is a phrase uttered by Pepe the Frog in the comic book Boy's Club from Matt Furie that became part of the popular meme.

Feels Good Man (2020)

First "Feels good"

Pepe the Frog was born in 2005 on Furie's MySpace page. He was just another character in the Boy's Club comic. Between 2006 and 2008 he went from being an innocent meme to express emotions to starring in hate messages.

Ten years later, on September 27, 2016, Pepe was officially considered a symbol of hate by the Anti-Defamation League.

Matt Furie denounced that white supremacists and other people linked to the "alt-right" had appropriated Pepe. He decided to start a campaign called #savepepe to try to clean up his image.

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