Franquists in the institutions

Franquists in the institutions

Franquists in the institutions. Cartoon of 02/09/2023 in CTXT

It is said that the Government could use the Law of Democratic Memory to apply it to two high-ranking officials of Aragon and open a sanctioning file for exaltation of Francoism.

The opposition has already asked the president of the Government of Aragon, Jorge Azcón (PP), to dismiss these two people for “exalting Francoism”.

The two VOX “nostalgics” (a euphemism coined by the Francoists) are Esmeralda Pastor Estrada, the new director of Justice of Aragon, and Jorge María Valero Sinués, the recently appointed Director General of Hunting and Fishing of the Government of Aragon.

In the case of Esmeralda Pastor, she posed on Facebook flanked by a flag with a harrier. Immediately, a herd of nostalgic people ran to say that the eagle of San Juan is not a Francoist bug and so on.

But she, confirming her declaration of intent, quickly changed the photo for another very similar one but with an emergency crop of the snapshot to leave the bird out of the frame. Very Francoist in private, but very fearful when pointed out as the fascists they are. Ultraderechita coward, as Abascal’s thug would say.

Esmeralda also showed her interest in other related tidbits by sharing messages of textbook generic fascism:

Valero, for his part, in addition to sharing denialist and conspiranoid rubbish, posted on his Facebook profile, among other Francoist proclamations, a Twitter (X) message from the Legion coinciding with the birth of its founder and Franco’s buddy, José Millán-Astray, which also reads “Long live Spain! Long live the King! Long live the Legion!”

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