Hate. Cartoon of 22/06/2021 in CTXT

Last week a person was stoned to death after a picture of him a video where it appeared went “viral”. Reading this is now routine. Something normal associated with the internet, but it isn’t, or shouldn’t be. It is a cruel, cyclical and shameful anomaly in which we are involved in one way or another, even unintentionally, as mere bystanders.

These people were slammed using the most piggish, base, xenophobic, sexist and despicable style. A trademark of Vox and all those other filthy right-wingers.


This was confirmed by Cristina SeguíHermann Tertsch and Macarena Olona, who were joined by more than a few unfortunates by chance. The magnitude of the response against this mean-spirited attitude mattered little, the fire had been lit and the hate had been earned.

Yesterday, Abascal organised another of his patriotic cantinfladas in Seville, enlivened by Manolo Escobar’s Que Viva España. A stopover as an aperitif before his attempt to come to Seville to repeat the same pantomime Ceuta to repeat the same pantomime.

They are usually short performances because the character he has neither vocabulary nor ideas beyond his limited list of concrete hatreds. He returned to talking about “the invasion” and railing against “the media” in the Trumpist style that continues to work among his herd of worshippers, but even so he was not lacking in microphones.

These scumbags are incapable of spouting all their crudest swill in front of a camera because we have let a tweet be something “different” and belonging to another dimension where the worst is included as tolerable and for some even plausible.

Perhaps the only positive thing among so much shitstorm, and possibly the only thing less bad for the people affected, is that “modern” digital beatings have a very short life. At least the visible one. The beaten are left with the blows and have to overcome them as best they can, which usually involves isolating themselves so that no more spit is spat about their personal lives, which is still a double punishment.

A hug and go the fuck home
The iconic photo of the hug is a huge lie. The protagonist, a Senegalese, receives his hug, his photo, and is immediately sent back to Morocco.

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