Iranian cartoonist Ali Dorani, "Eaten Fish", released from prison


Iranian cartoonist Ali Dorani, "Eaten Fish", released from prison

Cartoon of 23 July 2016 by Thai @Stephffart

A good news to close 2017.

Ali Dorani, Iranian cartoonist known as"Eaten Fish" is free and safe.

On 16 December 2017, Durani left Papua New Guinea and is now in a safe city in Northern Europe, possibly Norway, it is confirmed that he has settled in Stavanger (Norway) thanks to the ICORN programme.

Ali Dorani adopted the alias "Eaten Fish" in August 2013, after he was rescued from the sea when the boat he was on his way to Australia seeking asylum sank and he ended up in detention and locked up in the "detention centre for asylum seekers" on Manus Island.

Dorani has spent more than four years in this Australian immigration detention centre, which is nothing short of a barrack prison, where he suffered persecution, torture and abuse that aggravated his already delicate physical and mental health.

Since his case became known, discovered and publicised by the Australian cartoonist Andrew Marlton, known as "First Dog on the Moon", who told the story in a cartoon format in The Guardian Australia, NGOs, artists and collectives such as CRNI and other individuals have fought for his release. During his captivity he received two awards(2016)(2017).


His release, of which not many are known, has been made possible thanks to ICORN (International Cities of Refuge Network) an independent organisation that offers refuge to writers and artists at risk.

In August 2017, Ali was transferred to Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, for medical treatment with other refugees, where he remained until ICORN secured his release.

Although Ali Dorani is not available for interviews, Elisabeth Dyvik, ICORN's programme manager said:

" We are relieved that Eaten Fish has been able to arrive safely in a city of refuge where he is free to pursue his career as a cartoonist. ICORN could not have arranged this new residency for him without the help and tireless work of a group of individuals and organisations, including H. Russel, director of Cartoonists Rights Network International (CRNI); poet and activist Janet Galbraith and cartoonist Andrew Marlton. ICORN also congratulates the city of refuge that has invited him to be a resident for the next two years ".

'Since 2006, more than 60 cities around the world have joined the network, and at least 170 writers and artists have found refuge in an ICORN member city, such as Arifur Rahman, a Bangladeshi cartoonist exiled in Norway since 2010, protected by this programme.

Nauru and Manus camps, Australian shame

Ali Durani's story of a happy ending is just one of hundreds of unknown stories of those left behind who face an uncertain future with the announced closure of the Manus camp.

In this centre, many other prisoners have suffered, and continue to suffer, from appalling living conditions and the loss of almost all of their civil rights. This Australian "Guantanamo" is notorious for reports of murders, suicides, hunger strikes and sexual assaults on people "under the protection" of the Australian government.

One of those who remains there is Kurdish journalist Behrouz Boochani, who has been fearlessly reporting on the situation of asylum seekers from inside the detention centre and for whom freedom continues to be demanded.

Various organisations such as the MEAA (Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance), the largest union for the defence of creative professionals in Australia, remind that it is necessary to keep up the pressure for Behrouz's release by writing letters to Australian politicians:

Hon. Peter Dutton MP
Minister for Immigration and Border Protection
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP
Prime Minister of Australia,
PO Box 6022,
House of Representatives,
Parliament House,
Canberra ACT 2600,

Or via this form: https: //

*I hope I will soon be able to write another note to celebrate the release of Ramon Esono as well.

Iranian cartoonist Ali Dorani, "Eaten Fish", released from prisonThe story of Eaten Fish


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