TR: “You can’t generalise”

Journalism. Cartoon of 03/04/2019 in CTXT

The journalists and media complicit with the state’s sewers are the ones who sully the profession. Some kept quiet and others let themselves be carried along by inertia without caring what it meant to spread lies fabricated by a gang of criminals, a criminal organisation formed by the very people who were supposed to guarantee rights and safeguard freedoms.

The other day I was listening to this“repentant” journalist promoting his book in the media. In an interview (see in 1 ‘: 30″) he boasted of saying what no journalist has ever dared to say before, that nobody had ever criticised the press, that“we have no capacity for self-criticism“, he said. This is false to begin with. Infrequent perhaps, non-existent, but I understand that spouting it fit in well for marketing purposes.

When my colleagues at the recently born CTXT asked me to draw squares for them, back in January 2015, they asked me to go into this recurring theme in journalism, section style, as it wasn’t the first allusive cartoon I had drawn.

Every week, for many months, we released two vignettes on various journalistic issues, many subjects were touched upon to the point of almost exhausting them. And so it was that I returned to political and/or current affairs doodling.

There was even an editorial published under the unambiguous headline of Corrupt journalists.

Nor were we discovering anything new then. For a long time now, these topics have been discussed at annual journalistic conferences and conferences. You can even find journalists who, in their personal Tonter accounts, exercise self-criticism with some regularity, and other digital media that tend to get into this mud. Even so, there were more than a few who got annoyed from time to time, and some were even surprised that certain issues related to the profession were touched upon by a media outlet.

I could add a good number of those vignettes here, but in order not to take up too much of your time, I’ll just drop a handful.

jrmora prensa Periodismo


Periodismo jrmora periodista

Context of this Journalism Submissive journalism

jrmora prensa Periodismo
jrmora publicidad Periodismo
Resultado de imagen de jrmora prensa
jrmora periodismo
jrmora periodismo
jrmora rotativa moderna
Resultado de imagen de jrmora prensa
jrmora alierta

I had so many of them before, that I even had some left over after making an eBook with 160 vignettes. Cheap, hey.

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