Legal advisory network for cartoonists

Legal advisory network for cartoonists

Cartoon Rights International Network (CRNI) is the first human rights organisation in the world devoted entirely to defending cartoonists' freedom of expression for the past two decades.

They are now expanding their resources with a cartoonists' legal advice network to provide reliable and rapid guidance and legal advice to cartoonists anywhere in the world who are facing arrest, prosecution or harassment by the police or the judiciary.

Those who have been arrested, cautioned or questioned by the police or who have reason to believe that they will soon be arrested, cautioned or questioned because of their work can receive help from this network. Those who have received notice of a court action concerning criminal charges and those who believe that a change in the laws of their country will make them immediately liable to criminal prosecution.

Any author who believes they may be in any of these circumstances can contact and the process will be quickly initiated. CRNI guarantees that all requests received will be treated confidentially.

Once the identity of the person concerned is confirmed, CRNI makes an assessment of the case based on expert analysis and sends guidance on the next steps to be taken and provides the author with contact to legal advocates available in their location.

The network is supported by Global Media Defence Fund UNESCO and has recruited legal experts from around the world, both practicing lawyers and academics, to strengthen its current roster of cartoonists who are CRNI regional representatives (See initial list).

On their website they will be introducing these people through interviews, the first one with Mojirayo Ogunlana-Nkanga already published as well as the information about this legal advice network for cartoonists.

Mojirayo Ogunlana-Nkanga, managing partner at M.O.N. Legal Nigeria. She specialises in human rights, press freedom, digital rights and gender rights. She is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), the West African Media Lawyers Association (WAMELA), the Internet Society of Nigeria and the Nigerian Internet Governance Forum.

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