A lot of Russian in Russia

A lot of Russian in Russia

Tontolares is the term used to describe the nonsense that results from writing nonsense related to nonsense. For starters, Russian salad no is Russian and was not invented in Russia.

And you might think now, but, man, don’t be vinegar. It’s just a funny thing. An anecdote for a laugh and so on. A joke.

So it’s a joke, a bad joke, but a joke and worn out so what exactly is the news here: has a local journalist, a friend of the house, seen a silly little sign in a restaurant, or has the owner of the establishment himself sent it to the media in order to scrape some publicity for himself? In any case, it doesn’t matter a damn.

A joke should only be news when it sparks a war or someone is arrested, tried, imprisoned, stoned (or worse) or receives an award of some importance for it. The mission of the press is not to tell jokes, but the agony for the cheap and easy click for social networks has finished eating away at the bad image we have of many media, “pure” digital or not. And they want to fix it by telling jokes.

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