Macroeconomics. Vignette of 24 January 2018 in CTXT

You can take a look at Oxfam's report "Reward work, not wealth" or read the summary.

Fast forward, wages more than low, inequality at its worst and poverty.

That economic recovery they talk about has favoured the rich four times more than the poor.

A poverty rate of 22.3% or, in other words, 10.2 million people with an income below the poverty line, which places us third in Europe in terms of inequality, behind Romania and Bulgaria and tied with Lithuania.

More profits with lower wages. Corporate profits rose by up to 200.7%, up from 2013, while the labour cost per worker barely moved 0.1%. Wages in dry dock.

Women continue to suffer from labour inequality, with 58% of those in vulnerable situations being women.

According to Oxfam, seven out of ten of the lowest paid are women and they represent only 34.5% of the top earners. Within this group, they earn up to 14% less than men.

And as a global trend, more billionaires. A new one every two hours.

That's how we are, at the World Forum in Davos 2018, that sarao where Felipito walks around saying little things about politics and the owners of El Corte Inglés asking for a more tailor-made market to be made for them, it became known the obvious. Spain is at the bottom of the developed economies in terms of efforts to reduce inequality.

According to this reportin the latest report, it is noted that the poverty rate has risen by 1%, and the average per capita income has fallen by 4.8%.

Among other things, we have it pretty bad in terms of employment and wages. Our unemployment rate puts us at the bottom of Europe, the underground economy is growing and we have the highest rate of people with temporary jobs.

We are going like a shot.

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