The price of food

El precio de los alimentos

The price of food. Cartoon of 18/03/2023 in CTXT The Bank of Spain, which is not characterised by its social attitude, is already predicting that the price of food will rise by an average of 12.2% this year. Hold on tight to your shopping trolleys

Graphic history of the Civil War

Graphic history of the Civil War

It is often commented as a joke, even more so being a cartoonist, that it should be forbidden to publish books without drawings. Well, here you have one with drawings on practically all its pages. Historia gráfica de la Guerra Civil ( RBA) hit the

No man’s land

No man's land

No man’s land. Cartoon of 04/12/2022 in CTXT Translation of the cartoon: “The minister kept asking for the VAR to prove that the corpse had fallen out of its field”. This is how the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, once again defined that part



Politics. Cartoon of 13/11/2022 in CTXT TR cartoon: “When they were involved in politics, they were accused of being politicized”. Ayuso and anti-politics “Do as I do, I don’t get involved in politics”, is what Franco is said to have once told José María Pemán.



Mortgages. Cartoon of 23/10/2022 in CTXT Little is known about this issue at the moment. What we read is that the banks and the Ministry of Economy are studying aid for families whose mortgages rise by 30%. What the banking bosses are proposing is to