Making toys I

Making toys I.  Clip shotgun.

Making toys. Shotgun or crossbow.

I start a small series of notes with a common theme, the idea comes from this post and the comment/question from thumbs up that made me remember long days making toys in an attempt to make them usable.

I will try to show some manufactured “toys” that I remember making when I was a Taliban as short as I am now but without a goatee, those were the times when the closest thing to the internet was a (and only) little Martian-killing machine in the bar that most of us couldn’t afford.

I’ll start with homemade weaponry for urban guerrilla warfare, those were the days when agreed skirmishes required sophisticated weapons to repel attacks by hordes of wild children and we pulled out all the domestic materials to build them.

I participated in a thousand battles that forged me into the adult of peace that I believe I am, and I was lucky and survived them all.

For the crossbow, pistol, shotgun, submachine gun or fusil of tongs you needed, besides a hammer (or a fat stone) the following elements:

Fabricando juguetes. Escopeta de pinzas.

One of the tongs was disassembled from which we would extract the hook that became the projectile itself, the more tongs we collected (we stole) the more powerful our arsenal was.

Pinza gancho

The disassembled clips were kept to assemble other weapons or to be used as spare parts in case the weapons broke down.

To the point

Next, the clamp was nailed to the timber as shown in the following picture.

Fabricando juguetes

Once nailed, the clamp was reassembled and a nail was driven into the opposite end of the body of our precise and deadly assault rifle.

Three this was calibrated by test firing at different inclinations and positions of the nail, these tests were generally done by firing at any domestic object for as long as necessary.

Fabricando juguetes

The only thing left to do was to attach the hook to the rubber band and although the shotgun was ready to be used to repel the advances of the neighbouring neighbourhood’s enemies, some, more perfectionist, finished their rifles with other elements that improved not only their aesthetics but also their precision.

And now we have our shotgun

The more plastic-minded would spend a few hours of combat painting, varnishing and adding other metallic elements to intimidate the adversary.

Fabricando juguetes

The system is as simple as it is effective. By tightening the rubber with the hook and fitting it into the hole of the clip, the gun was “mounted”. When pressed, the rubber did the rest and with luck we would have crashed the hook into the jar of an absent-minded participant in the fight.

The design possibilities were endless. The wider the board, the more clips could be driven in, increasing the firepower in bursts.

It was essential to arm oneself with a large number of rubber bands and hooks. This meant that the low clotheslines were subject to constant raids and plundering.

I don’t remember any casualties with serious injuries or deaths in those battles, those were times when a scar was a symbol of bravery and honour.

The rubber-bullet weaponry that is manufactured nowadays looks much more professional.

Jesus ‘ video contribution to the making of a clip gun, thank you very much!

I was waiting to send you the instructions to make the clamp gun. I didn’t know how to get it to you and I thought that the easiest way was a youtube video. I hope you get it, because it’s a bit of a pain in the ass.

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