Miraculous Blasphemous Altar

Milagroso Altar Blasfemo

This mural is entitled: "Milagroso Altar Blasfemo" and was part of a group show of artists from different countries called "Intimacy is political" (poster), which was on display in Quito (Ecuador)

Milagroso Altar Blasfemo

Explanation of the mural-installation Source Parallax

The story is the same as always, those offended by the thing to believe don't agree with the painting and complain.

The usual

The Episcopal Conference wrote its communiqué the Episcopal Conference wrote its usual statement to express its discomfort, saying that the mural promotes mockery and phobia against believers.

Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference
Press Release
Quito, 1 August 2017

With great concern and unease, we have followed closely, through social networks, the so-called exhibition "Intimacy is political". Concern, because it is sponsored by serious institutions, such as the Municipality of Quito, called to respect the rights of all citizens, whether they are believers or not.

Discomfort, because the groups organising such a pictorial exhibition, in the name of freedom of expression, attack the fundamental rights of other people who disagree with their ideological positions; for they supposedly fight against homophobia, but do not hesitate to promote mockery and phobia against believers, particularly against Catholic Christians.

On behalf of many Christians, we want to express our gratitude to all those who, regardless of their social, political and religious position, have raised their voice firmly and clearly to express their dissatisfaction with such a grotesque mockery of religious symbols.

The next day a councillor sent a complaint(1)(2) to the mayor asking for resignation.

So far nothing new. They are free to say what they like, like any ordinary mortal with an ass.

The ugly thing was the reaction of the Secretariat of Culture of the Municipality of Quito.

Forbidden to pass

On 2 August, it decided to block access to see the work, and later announced that it would be removed. They put up a sign informing that "the installation was closed because the work did not have the necessary permits to be installed on a heritage wall of the city"

The wall on which it is painted separates the Cultural Centre from the church of La Compañía and a permit was supposed to be requested from the Historical Areas and Heritage Commission, but this was not done. The wall, being a heritage asset, has to be restored to its original state. Curious, a municipal exhibition without municipal permits.

That was the excuse. The mural had been on display since 29 July on the terrace of the Centro Cultural Metropolitano de Quito.

Milagroso Altar Blasfemo

Another view of the mural Paralaje

The mural, the work of the Bolivian group Mujeres Creando, was accompanied by a warning to the public, mentioning that its content could "hurt the susceptibility" of those who profess the Christian faith.

Milagroso Altar Blasfemo

Pablo Corral, Secretary of Culture, assured that they are not in favour of censorship, but that "in this particular case a series of technical norms regarding the use of patrimonial goods were not complied with".

Miraculous Blasphemous Altar

Details. A Pope doing manual work.

According to municipal sources, the mural will be photographed and will be located in another place, to be specified, in the Centro Cultural Metropolitano de Quito (MET)

In other words, they have tried to use any "technical" bullshit to give in to pressure from the Church and other Catholic groups while trying not to make themselves look bad to anyone.

Miraculous Blasphemous Altar

Allusive cartoon from Vilma Vargas (Ecuador)

This is not the first time that a work by Mujeres Creando has been erased, in October 2016 another mural critical of the Church and the State was erased was covered with white paint by dozens of people while they were praying "Ave Marias".

Miraculous Blasphemous Altar Statement from the ministry the mural was erased by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, in which they say absolutely nothing.

Miraculous Blasphemous AltarRelated, Milagroso Altar Blasfemo by María Galindo, from the Mujeres Creando collective



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