"Labour reform
The campaign promise

Negotiations. Cartoon of 31/10/2021 in CTXT

I'm not going to go back to remember the times that promised in the campaign the repeal of the PP labour reform of 2012, just like they did with the gagging law and there it is.

Although it may seem like it, there is no hurry to repeal the labour reform URGENT to repeal it. If memory serves me correctly, they even talked about creating a wonderful new workers' statute.

Time wasted in disputes over whether the painting should be signed by Nadia Calviño or Yolanda Díaz, without knowing what the hell they were going to paint, now it is said that they are going to put their hands on it in order to have it designed by the end of the year.

It's the same old story. Pedro Sánchez no longer speaks forcefully of repeal It has passed he's just going to say that they're going to reconstruct "some things", the same story as with the gagging law, namely "repealing the most damaging parts" and blablablablá.

But suddenly another bombastic announcement arrives. Now it's really happening, they say. The groundhog is still alive and there is still room for profit.

A language, a way of expressing oneself

It is high time we assumed that electoral promises are what they are, as the Councillor for the Economy said when he confessed that they would not be kept, Rogelio Velasco when he confessed that the promise to create 600,000 jobs would not be kept calling them assholes to his voters and by extension to the rest of the conned.

The argument was devastating, something like "Everyone has lied and we are not going to be any less".

"If we go to the newspaper archives and put in capital letters what all the leaders, or future ministers of the economy, have promised during the election campaign, I assure you that not a single one of them would be left healthy. Not a single one".

Things of language, a way of speaking, a what do I know.

"That's a language, a way of expressing oneself during an election campaign".

Here you can see the video

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