Labour reform

Labour reform

“This reform basically affects only two aspects: temporality and wages. On the one hand, it limits the causes and durability of temporary contracts, eliminating the contract of work and service. It does not remedy the lack of permanent contracts for interim or subcontracted workers such as the kellys. Without permanent contracts, there is no reduction in temporary and precarious employment

On the other hand, priority is given, even if only in the matter of wages, to the most beneficial agreement between the sectoral agreement and the company agreement or between the agreement of the contracted company or the contracting company. These are the crumbs that we are offered, by way of a placebo, when with the previous reform it was already estimated that around 80% of contracts were fraudulent. Nor has any other aspect been modified regarding reversing the cheapening and ease of dismissal or setting the wage update of the agreements according to the cost of living”.

So that’s it. A cartoon on the cover of the 21st issue of Fragua Social, a publication of the CNT-AIT Levante, illustrating a text on the labour reform CNT-AIT Levante illustrating a text about the labour reform.

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