New conditions

New conditions

New conditions. Bullet from 12/12/2021 in CTXT.

Brussels will force the regularisation of millions of delivery drivers, now renamed "riders", as well as other workers who perform other tasks for digital platforms.
The European Commission estimates that there are some 5.5 million people working as bogus self-employed and the new measures are supposed to improve their working conditions.

Presumption of workability

The crux of the matter is the"presumption of employability". To put it roughly, it is something like fiscal engineering applied to the labour issue. Companies move on the edge of legality, absent-mindedly skirting it, in order to camouflage their . To understand it better, here is an explanation more technical. And if you look beyond the opinions, you will find other texts on the subject that put the accent there.

It is said that this European "Rider Law" will take at least a year or two because it is a directive, which will have to be debated, chewed over and discussed approved on 9 December and it will have to be debated, chewed over, approved and all that. So it will need the support of the member states and the European Parliament to become law.

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