Post-war plans

Post-war plans

Post-war plans. Cartoon of 6 January 2023 in CTXT

TR cartoon: Israel plans a Palestinian administration under military control.

-Not before "demographic adjustments"

After three months of ruthless killing, Israel turns its filthy propaganda around again to try to tell the world that it has a plan, as if it has the thing under control and is once again presenting itself as the one in charge of the destinies of the Palestinian population while the rest of the world lets it do as it pleases.

Now we read that the criminal and genocidal state of Israel is planning a post-war Gaza with Palestinian administration but under military control, as if there were not enough military on the ground now (and before).

To propose a protectorate/occupation a la Vichy France in the 21st century says a lot about the colonial and imperialist mentality of the occupiers. If they did not need excuses to steal Palestinian land before, imagine now.

According to the Hebrew press, the defence minister presented a document outlining a supposed future after what they call "war" in Gaza.

According to these plans, the civilian government of the territory would remain in Palestinian hands, although the minister makes no reference to the Palestinian National Authority, which governs part of the West Bank under Israeli military occupation.

"The residents of Gaza are Palestinians and therefore Palestinian bodies will be in charge (of administration), on condition that there are no hostile actions or threats against the state of Israel. Hamas will not rule Gaza, Israel will not rule the civilians of Gaza.

You don't have to be very clever to know that the Israeli military would not stay there for decoration. It is their cynical way of rebranding the occupation in the eyes of the world. In this they are copying their US colleagues, who always tend to stay in the countries they invade and plunder for as long as they feel like it in order to stage a parade ofrestoring peace.

Be that as it may, this is not over, nor does it look like it will be any time soon. At the rate the genocide and destruction is going, whoever remains will have very little to manage.

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