Putin ate sirloin steak with artichokes

Putin ate sirloin steak with artichokes

We interrupt the broadcast to bring you some breaking news, Putin ate sirloin steak with artichokes in Barcelona in 1992.

The tontolares the war is not going to be spared from their influence. In El Periódico they gave birth to this gastrotontolar that reminds us a lot of to those dedicated to different leaders, politicians, celebrities or the royal family in the magazines of the colourín.

"The president's past", they write in the newspaper. We all have a solomilleco past

This is what the penman who wrote the piece considered to be the most important thing to tell about an institutional visit thirty years ago by the then mayor of Saint Petersburg, who was accompanied by Putin. A hymn to old-fashioned irrelevance.

The final of the Tontolares Grand Prix 2022 is going to be very close

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