#ThisIsTheRealSpain, cartoon of 03/02/2019 on CTXT

#ThisIsTheRealSpain is an initiative of "España Global" (formerly"Marca España") of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote Spain as a modern and open country that was launched at the end of 2018 and is read around that it is a move by the Government to confront independentism in Catalonia.

In the second of his videos he has a special role Ana Botínthe heiress of Banco Santander. I think it's good. It's time to go straight. Let's stop hiding who are the ones who really cut the cod in this "Real Spain" that they want to recreate. The one in which the influential are the ones with the money and not the miserable plebs.

This kind of covert political propaganda based solely on the exaltation of virtues that corners and omits anything ugly, pretending to portray a country that only reaps success and greatness has always made me allergic and has struck me as an exercise in cheap institutional demagoguery, although, like any fat campaign, it sure hasn't come cheap.

As was to be expected, the hashtag was colonised from the very first minute and used for criticisms and chuflas of all stripes.

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