New redesign, GeneratePress

New redesign, GeneratePress

Someone will have noticed it, others won't have even noticed it because I've tried to make it so. The blog is up and running since yesterday with the new 2021 redesign.

I've changed the MyThemeShop "Schema" template, which I mapped in 2019, by GeneratePress Premium taking advantage of the hosting change january.

I won't go into too much detail. Although this template deserves a separate review, there are many reviews and very complete reviews already published that you can find without much trouble.

Even so I want to leave some notes about the advantages of one over the other that have made me decide to change.

GeneratePress vs Schema

Both templates are very light and well prepared for your tinkering. With both of them I have achieved very good loading times, but....

  • For customisation possibilities GeneratePress (hereafter GP) clearly beats it with their moduleswhich can even save you some plugins. GP's approach is very reminiscent of Genesis Frameworkit is even said to be more than inspired by it.
New redesign, GeneratePress

The "Elements" module that allows fiddling with blocks, headers, layouts and hooks in almost any part of the blog. If you add to that the filters and functions it has customization possibilities to bore you. All that combined with Ad Inserter ensures you can place anything anywhere.

  • Schema is a bit cheaper(35$ the first year and 19$ the following years). On the other hand, it only allows installation on one page and GP you can use it on up to 500 sites in its cheapest version(59$, same price every year with no coupon discounts or renewal rebates). I would have been happy with four or five licenses, but not just one.
  • The only point I've found where GP lags behind Schema so far is in the creation of new sidebars for different specific uses.

Schema incorporates this as a user-friendly option. In GP you have to do a bit of work to register them. The good news is that, in addition to support, they already have an open forum where you can find almost any answer with examples and solutions. Including the sidebar.

Different sidebars for posts and pages in GeneratePress.

Schema also has a searchable forum where there is more and more technical information, but GP has grown so much in users that it is far superior in documentation. A must.

So, getting down to business, I've finally revamped my blog the prehistoric entry of the web after many years. There I had a rusty page made with tables and html from when they used to design with flints and I've made it all nice, except for polishing a few little things. I've done some other non-visible actions in the guts and that's what I've finished (we all know I haven't).

If, for whatever reason, one day you want to try GeneratePress in its Premium version and you get it as an affiliate from this link affiliate will give me a few sesterces for the recommendation.

New redesign, GeneratePress
New redesign, GeneratePress

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