The return from holidays

The return from holidays

The return from holidays. Cartoon of 03/09/2022 in CTXT

We’re back from what was supposed to be the holidays holidaysfor some people it is nothing more than the absence of work and has consisted of doing… absolutely nothing.

Don’t let them fool you. No matter how much they tell you that everything is coming to an end and the syndrome that of every year and so on, the summer is not over until 23 September.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to summarise what happened in August either, because I only found out about some of these things yesterday and it would be bad to act as an average commentator.

One thing we do know, because it was anticipated months ago and we are reminded of it every day, is that autumn and winter are going to be fucking hell. This is what Pedro Sánchez announced at the time, and rest assured that when a politician fails to deny, minimise or evade a catastrophe, it means that he or she has to tighten up because what is to come is very bad.

In 2021 VAT on electricity was reduced from 21% to 10%. Later from 10% to 5% and don’t ask me why because I don’t understand a damn thing, but in August the price of electricity shot up, making it the month with the most expensive electricity in history.

In the very beginning of September, the government announced a cut in VAT on gas from 21% to 5% as of October and then Gazprom suspended indefinitely the gas supply through Nord Stream 1 (the pipeline through which Russia shoots gas to Germany and the rest of the European Union) allegedly because of a breakdown, a leak, they say.

Read with moderation and, while you can, don’t get carried away by the social chickenhawks, there’s still a lot of summer left.

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