The return

The return

Cartoon of 10/10/2021 in CTXT

Juanca could getting drunk, burst into the living room of any home in Spain in the early hours of the morning, shouting, waving a lit chainsaw and there would still be people who would find an apology and a patriotic justification for the action.

Now we read that the Public Prosecutor's Office is about to close the three investigations opened against the emeritus. No more digging into the suspicious movements of criminal activity abroad or analysing the pending rogatory letters sent to Switzerland and other countries.

The sequence is clear. The following would be the return triumphal. The rest you already know because the propaganda machine of the Bourbundia has been following the same script for decades.

They have to keep feeding and shaping what they call "the story", a term normally used to re-baptise a tale. The bourbon of the full-blown binges can't keep up ending his days with the legend of a national hero covered in bullshit.

And who better to contribute to reconstructing and redirecting this "story" than the court media, of which there are many. Some of them have a century-long history of royal mummery. Thus, on 6 October, the graposo came out with this headline, which is supposed to be published as a defence of the royal gambitero.

According to what they say, the emeritus managed and polished off 26 million dollars in black money given to him by the Saudi king like someone who gives a Bizum to a colleague for a few beers.

And here, the former king, heir to the throne and supreme commander of the armed forces says he spent it on the sacred and unquestionable "transition".

Now all that remains is for Juanca to regularise the situation and declare the bill for the expenses of the transition with the breakdown and everything is sorted out

But it won't be easy. How do you finance a transition? There is not a single tutorial about this on Youtube.

Let's see how these concepts are now detailed four decades later to make it stick. I invite you to participate in a possible list of details of the bill in question

The next day, the same ones, they expelled another cover worthy of any satirical publication


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