The monarchy underpinned

The monarchy propped up. Cartoon of 11/12/2021 in CTXT. According to El Confidencial, the emeritus wants to return to Spain, to be reinstated with the economic allowance he had and to live again in La Zarzuela since he considers that, as it is taken for

The return

Cartoon of 10/10/2021 in CTXT Juanca could getting drunk, burst into the living room of any home in Spain in the early hours of the morning, shouting, waving a lit chainsaw and there would still be people who would find an apology and a patriotic


Commission Cartoon of 05/09/2021 in CTXT. The Prosecutor's Office of the Supreme Court points to indications of four crimes against the king emeritus and maintains that Juan Carlos I was international commissioner The Supreme Court's deputy prosecutor sees "indications" that the King's fortune of the

Latest news from Nurai Island

Latest news from Nurai Island In December 2020, Pedro Sánchez announced a "roadmap" for the renewal of the monarchy, he said it without laughing. According to Pedro, author of the farce of "exile"According to Pedro, from Juanca, Felipito number six was going to start doing

Royal pleitry

"Entrepreneurs pay interest to ensure dynastic succession of their credit line". Royal pleitry Cartoon of 27/02/2020 in CTXT Juanca got 4,395,901.96 euros to release to the Treasury after rummaging through the sofa cushions for change Some colleagues the two of them made a chance meeting