Translation of the cartoon:
"Here are images of riots until the origin of the protests seems murky to you."

Riots. Cartoon of 20/02/2021 in CTXT

Six, seven, eight days. No matter how long the riots last. Nothing else is going to be talked about. The media have, as always, devoted themselves body and soul to the riots without going beyond the repetition of the "action scenes".

The anecdotes have eaten up everything. Talk-show hosts and opinion-makers acting as prosecutors and full-time policemen have buried any possible debate on the origin of the protests.

It is no longer the least important thing that the police behave like a herd of madmen, that they are thugs shoot with live ammunition or bust a few more eyes. The whole debate will be about hitting the rioters hard.

More violence and more "bad" to stop the violent ones please, those lifelong democrats are now asking for.


Don't doubt it, if the TV stations weren't interested in pounding on images of riots and looting of shops as a unique style book above any other informative approach, they wouldn't do it.

It is no longer urgent to put an end to Rajoy's sinister gag law of Rajoy. That aberration of which the self-proclaimed progressives said that: "It is a return to the police state" that "Its aim is to punish dissidents, those who protest and also "Enables the police to exercise exorbitant powers of inspection, retention, investigation, repression and punishment, through the criminalisation of certain behaviours".

Comrade Marlaska, clear the area for me
What we are seeing on the streets is one face of social discontent, one of the faces of the failure in the political management of unrest. Xandru Fernández - 21/02/2021

There will be no talk about youth unemployment, nor about the siniestrabilidad in the already more than devastated labour market thanks to the scavenger vultures and its defenders. Nor about how fucking bad the access to housing is still, that "market good" as Ábalos calls it, nor about absolutely nothing that has any relation to anything that smacks of social justice.

This is the new world of the journalism of bam, bam, bam applauded and boosted by the ephemeral noise of the "here and now" of the social networks and their anguish for the cheap opinionology that infects everything.

how many containers burn every year?
Whenever there are riots, containers are the kings of the party. They appear in the front row of barricades, illustrate the front pages of newspapers and have a prominent presence on TV talk shows.

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