The fanatic

The fanatic

The fanatic

Cartoon of 10/11/2018 in CTXT

Manuel Murillo Sánchez is called the fanatical sniper.

The story of the guy from Terrassa who said on guasap that he wanted to kill Pedro Sánchez when he found out about the possible exhumation of the white ass and that he had a pile of weapons, some illegal, in his house and a few others in his car, could have been a good script for a trashy Spanish B-movie. The prosecution said it was unaware of the so-called sniper case, then retracted its statement and admitted that it was.

The declarations of the man, with no previous record and son of the last Francoist mayor of Rubí, are a picture Affirms he said it all when he was very farty and to look like a patriot in front of a girl, who turned out to be someone from VOX and also the person who told the police about it and made the guy end up in jail.

Beyond the different analyses about whether or not he should be considered a terrorist, the discussions about the type of weapons, about how many could kill at I don’t know how many metres, the manipulated ones, the illegal ones, the cakes and about whether or not he had the real intention and capacity to kill the president, I found the amount of ammunition he had accumulated worrying, not so much the real one as the ideological one with which he had been feeding and fattening his fanaticism.

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