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The King’s Speech

The King's Speech

Translation cartoon:

“As is tradition, once again this year, I will say nothing.
The media will make pompous interpretations.
And the Spanish will make memes”.

The King’s speech. Cartoon of 24/12/16 in CTXT

Anticipating the content of this guy’s speech doesn’t have much merit, I just missed the beard. I admit I don’t follow much the life and work of the encalomado VI


The traditional Christmas monologue of the nullity is recovering from its lowest audiences thanks to the internet’s jokes. Nor have the media and the political class stopped making grandiloquent interpretations that seem more like readings of coffee grounds.


the “glued to the problems of the street”, a waste of humour.

In any case, much less humour than that of his father’s first letter in 1975, in which he was saddened (for all Spaniards) by Franco’s death.

The King's Speech

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