The thieves of light



The cartoon of 21/01/2017 in CTXT

The Prosecutor’s Office will investigate the biggest rise in electricity bills since 2013 and in the middle of a cold snap.

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court states that its objective is to “find out the reasons behind the successive price increases that electricity bills have experienced in recent times”, and that they are going to do little things “in defence of the protection of the interests of consumers and users”.

In the meantime, the charlatans will continue to justify their manipulation by stories of the “Pool” that ordinary humans cannot understand because they have no studies, or how expensive life is, something about the sun, the rain, the wind, the price of oil, minor expenses in salaries of some plugged-in politicians and the great costs of bringing electricity to a village in Aragon or the Balearic Islands that are very far away and with poor access.

It doesn’t matter that some infrastructures are more than amortised, nor that the bulk of what is paid are taxes and various films, part of the heart of the thieves lies in the tariff deficit and the complex ups and downs of the market for the price of a kilo of electricity.

Besides, it’s just not on.

Some media have even rushed to write articles with tips and tricks for saving electricity, just as in their day others were written about how to eat what you throw away and other post-modern survival tutorials for the poor.

The thieves of light

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