Urgent measures

Urgent measures

Urgent measures

Every political office-holder, from those of a certain stature to those in the lowest ranks, tries to leave a masterpiece that will make him or her worthy of the perpetuity.

It doesn't matter whether your proposal is to recycle or destroy something usable to put something useless in its place.

Inaugurations are highly coveted events. These performances leave good press clippings, historic photographs and even bronze commemorative plaques with the name of the inaugurator carved for posterity.

It doesn't matter if the media is called to inaugurate an open field where a litter bin will be installed next year, or the year after. The press will always be there.

And even if it isn't, the cabinet of the day will provide the public with good snapshots in which the managers stand out. They will make sure it is known that what has been done with everyone's money has an author's signature.

The image of Aguado and Garrido inaugurating a gel dispenser in a metro station, after months of pandemic, is a joke that tells itself. Paletismo ten out of ten in political communication and self-conceit.

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