Wild capitalism for everyone


Wild capitalism for everyone

Cartoon of 30/01/2021 in CTXT

Game Stop's stock price was momentarily suspended on Monday due to volatility. That's the way it is, when smoke is being sold, something has been burned.

The GameStop affair is just another chapter of capitalism devouring itself driven by its congenital greed. If you want different interpretations that fit your economic "ideology" you can find them without much trouble.

There will still be those who continue to praise its supposed self-regulating capacity while they continue to invent products that do not exist for which artificial scenarios have to be recreated to allow speculation on intangible futures that have a real impact, most of the time disastrous, on the lives of the people.

In the end, it is nothing more than the ultimate expression of the art of cancamusa. Lies always fetch a good price and require little investment to create.

Those pawns on the board, who are still poor, will continue to extol its virtues and insist that there is no alternative, that there is only nothingness beyond, while trying to get closer to those who really have the capacity to alter the rules of an absurd and cruel game in order to get three dollars "short" and be able to tell their brother-in-law that they are expert investors and that one day they will rub shoulders with the richest people on the planet.

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