American Caricature (2020)


This documentary by Lucky Card Productions funded through a campaign on Kickstarter campaign, can now be viewed in full.

Some of the interviews are from at least 2016 as Glenn Ferguson appears in his studio in the same images that were released after he co-starred in a sad and lurid story, with a more or less happy ending, when he was brutally assaulted by another cartoonist.


"You've seen them in magazines, in cartoons, and on just about every tourist attraction in America.A professional caricaturist manages not only to capture a person's likeness, but to amplify it, while exaggerating, contorting and stylising the subject's most prominent features

For some, they are memories. A fleeting entertainment. For others, a powerful tool in their satirical arsenal. American Caricature showcases not only the art of caricature, but the subculture that surrounds it.

From animators, illustrators, cartoonists and live cartoonists, you'll hear in their own words what unites them all, both literally and figuratively.

Drawing cartoons for a living is unconventional to say the least, and we invite you to explore the passion, industry and community of cartoon art in the United States. Afterall, drawing funny faces is a serious business.

Directors: Joe Ciomek and Tom Faraci.

American Caricature (2020)

Poster illustration: Jert

Running time 1 hour, 24 minutes.

Starring: Joe Bluhm, Tom Richmond, Jason Seiler, C.F. Payne, Glenn Ferguson, Ali Thome, Len Hernandez, Rob Hren, Stacy Pierce, Dave Smith, Jared Stokes, Sean Evans, Mary Kay Williams, Ty Jones, Sean Gardner, Jeremy Townsend, Chris Chua, Natalie Hume, Emily Byrne, Kayla Archer, Nate Kapnicky, Tony Sobota, Beejay Hawn and others.


Official Selection: Lift-Off First Time Filmmakers Sessions

Winner: Best Documentary, NE International Film Festival

Winner: Silver Award, Spotlight Documentary Feature Film Awards

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