To the art of Vampirella (2016)


2016- 70 minutes, Spain

Documentary by José Guerrero from (INCHES FILMS) funded through Verkami. In the documentary worked Quique Lozano (voiceover), Enrique Díaz Bala (Producer of the documentary “Heroes del tebeo valenciano”), David García Sariñena (Producer of “El Último Guión, great fan of fantastic cinema and responsible for the blog about Manuel Sanjulián) with the collaboration of Juan José Montijano for the script.

To the art of Vampirella, with the collaboration of Tebeosfera and Akira Cómics. A tribute to the Spanish Warren cartoonists such as the late illustrator Pepe González and other cartoonists like José Ortiz, Esteban Maroto, Josep Mª Bea, Cesar Álvarez, Luis García Mozos, Fernando Fernández or Luis Bermejo, among many other great artists.

It was sold on DVD and Blue Ray with a 12-page colour booklet inside. Extras, and English subtitles.

Collector’s edition on sale at Akira Cómics

Review in Tomos y Grapas

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