Artificial intelligence and comics

Artificial intelligence and comics

This week I came across several allusions to this comic, some of them humorous about machines taking work away from cartoonists, and curiosity made me search for what it was about.

"The world's first comic book completely illustrated with AI is here .... and it's terrifying". That's what its creators say. It will come out in October and will be a four-issue miniseries with a 48-page prologue and some other stuff. The promo image on the cover shows a price of 6 dollars.

The publishers, in his presentation note in which you can find some more images, describe it as groundbreaking as it is "the first comic book entirely illustrated by a computer" and add:

The computer's vivid imagery and illustration technique is reminiscent of the greatest of the modern surrealist painters, and the acclaimed work of comics veterans like Dave McKean and Bill Sienkiewicz. The final three issues of the series promise to push the conceptual gamesmanship to another level, with a near-future science fiction arc for issues two and three, and a machine/machine collaboration for issue four- with AI responsible for the writing as well as the illustration.

It is understood that saying it is entirely illustrated by a machineis relative and has a bit of promotional license because an AI needs sources to draw from, even more so to embark on something as complex as scripting a story and illustrating it without the result being nonsensical in every way

Artificial intelligence and comics
A page from the comic in question

Published by Living the Line Books and Diamond Comics"The abolition of man" is the result of "feeding" an AI called Midjourneystill in invitation-only beta (Twitter) with images created by painter and cartoonist Carson Grubaugh.

The AI can emulate the style of different illustrators and painters because it is supposed to be trained with images of much of the art already created. It is understood that it merges styles by creating a succession of copies of copies, so it is logical that it will always remember you to something and also that some images or scenes can turn out to be real monsters

It's another matter if the experiment has a certain coherence and/or if it appeals to a sufficient number of potential readers.

Here you have a video of the creation of an illustrated story using AI Dungeon, Midjourney and the already popular (due to the memes) Dall-E in case you want to play around and see how it turns out.

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