Bolsonaro loses web domain and fills up with cartoons

Bolsonaro pierde su dominio y se llena de viñetas
One of the cartoons on Bolsonaro's "new" website

Jair Bolsonaro has lost the domain that he has used since at least 2002 to promote his family's activities and those of his government.

It seems that those in charge of running the website forgot to renew the domain and when it became available someone took it over

Now, the site has been filled with caricatures and cartoons. A cartoon of Jair Bolsonaro as Hitler surrounded by cows with the caption "Threat to Brazil" greets the visitor.

The president's campaign is considering filing an appeal to the courts to recover the domain.

Capture of the main page 01/10/2022

One of the various illustrations that now adorn Bolsonaro's former website.

The data from does not show domain registration data prior to 2017, however, according to copies of are preserved screenshots from the 2002 campaign.

This is what Bolsonaro's homepage looked like in April 2021

Now, at the bottom of the page appears the legend "This site is not administered and does not belong to the Bolsonaro family" and in its description one can read over a countdown: "this site is a digital art gallery and a journalistic compilation related to the Bolsonaro family".

Under the page which collects (copy in Archive) all these images, links to press articles and opinions critical of his government, this text appears:

"Soon we will be able to celebrate the end of this terrible presidency, but let's not fool ourselves
: Bolsonarismo will persist.
The battle against neo-fascism must continue.
We will resist and we will win.

Bolsonaro and the cartoons

In the wake of this action, I recall that this is not the first time that Jair Bolsonaro has received a barrage of cartoons

In April 2020, a large number of Brazilian cartoonists, and from other countries, defended fellow cartoonist Renato Aroeiratras being threatened by Bolsonaro's government. And they did so by publishing hundreds of cartoons.

The Brazilian government has threatened to prosecute the cartoonist Renato Aroeira for this cartoon, and also the veteran journalist Ricardo Noblat for sharing it on his blog in the magazine "Veja"

The government of the ultra-right-wing Jair Bolsonaro called for an investigation and for this they used a law from the dictatorship, article 26 of the National Security Law, approved in 1983 in the time of Joao Figueiredo, Brazil's last dictator.

Here is the link to that story and the gallery with some of the many cartoons that were made and published at the time.

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