Brevas #76


George Perez dies

Brevas #76
Pérez drawn by Piorotti

On 6 May last, the cartoonist George Pérez passed away, so he announced it Constance Eza in different social network accounts, including the one of FB of the author. George was suffering from pancreatic cancer and had been inactive since 2019. In December 2021 he announced that the disease had entered the terminal phase.

Pérez, 67 years old, was and is considered one of the most important and influential comic book authors of the superhero genre of the 80’s and was also a beloved person for several generations of readers.

Classic characters such as Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, the Avengers and many others passed through his pen

Perez’s passing is the second major loss for comics so far this year. At the end of April, another legendary Neil Adams, another legendary author of superhero comics.

Goomer returns

Brevas #76

Goomer, the mythical character from Ricardo y Nacho (1956-2021) returns to paper in a carefully edited complete edition (Norma) in two volumes that total 1248 pages.

Among many other things, Ricardo says to RTVEi had to retouch some of the pages in Photoshop because they had lost some colour and I wanted the edition to be perfect”

“There are also very interesting extras, because I’m very fond of comics and I love the integral. That’s why this integral includes Goomer strips that readers didn’t know about, many anecdotes, page sketches, drawings for advertisements…”

Torpedo 1972

Brevas #76

And another great classic of black humour that returns.

During the Salón Del Cómic de Barcelona, ECC Comics he announced that he will publish an new album from Torpedo 1972 by Abulí & Risso between September and December this year. It will be titled ” Con lo que eso duele” and will come in the same format as the first and previous 1972 edition published by Panini.

Curuxa do Humor

Brevas #76

If you are a fan of contests, you might be interested to know that the last days are running out to participate in the XXVI Graphic Humour Contest “Curuxa do Humor”.

The deadline for submitting drawings ends at 23.59 hours on 31 May 2022.

Here you have the complete rules in PDF and in this other link you can have a look at the awarded works in previous editions.

I Prize for works and research on humour

Brevas #76

Another competition related to humour, including graphic humour, is the one organised by the Quevedo Institute of the Arts of Humour (IQH) of the General Foundation of the University of Alcalá.

The idea is to award the best Final Degree and Master’s Theses and Doctoral Theses related to humour in its different aspects: graphic, literary, scenic, audiovisual, as well as cartoons, strips and caricatures

The call for the first edition of this award is open until 19 June 2022. Here you have the application for participation y the rules.

Mistreating authorship

Brevas #76
Original poster on the left and on the right stripped of the authors’ signatures by the City Council.

Carlos Azagra and Encarna Revuelta are the authors of this poster whose signatures have been “chopped off” by Barcelona City Council He told it like this the cartoonist on his Twitter account:

“The poster on the right has had our signature erased, that absurd rule of the City Council that prohibits signing the poster if you want it to be published, so many years fighting for our rights, for democracy…for people from above to come and tell you that your signature can’t appear”.

Azagra says azagra said that the City Council told him: “the signature is out, otherwise it won’t come out, no poster, no postcard”.

Brevas #76

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