Cartoons without pants


Cartoons without pants

Cartoons without pants

A cartoon from a Dennis the Menace strip promoting No Pants Day distributed by King Features.

Cartoon readers in many US newspapers will find their characters without trousers tomorrow.

King Features has put the competition on hold for a day. It has contacted other press agencies such as Tribune Content Agency, Andrews McMeel Universal and Washington Post Writers Group, which distribute cartoons and comic strips to the media, to coordinate a joint action on 7 May to coincide with "No Pants Day".

The idea is to try to get as many cartoonists as possible to join the action.

At the moment, more than 25 authors of strips such as "Blondie" or "Zippy the Pinhead" are already drawing their characters without trousers to invite readers to donate clothes to the charities and second-hand shops that have been badly affected by COVID-19.
I just hope that the absurd  moralising encrusted in the algorithms of social networks and some media won't leave tomorrow with some ridiculous passage of censorship for "obscene" content.

No Pants Day, which is celebrated on the first Friday in May, is believed to have been established as a tradition in 2000 as a reflection of a spontaneous slutty act in which a group of students at the University of Texas thought that leaving the house without trousers, and riding the underground in their underwear, was a fun way to say goodbye to the semester. It has since been organised in other countries such as France, Finland, Sweden, Australia and Great Britain.

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